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All horses not belonging to Rafter C Farm will be stated. Any guarantees made on horses not belonging to RCF will be between buyer and seller. All information is stated as known. RCF is at no fault on buyer or sellers part should anything happen. Transactions are to be in CASH. A bill of sale should be kept by buyer and seller for records.  Vet checks upon request can and will be done prior to horse leaving farm @ buyer expense if findings are sound, at sellers expense if findings are not sound unless other wise agreed upon.  
If buyer request vet records or shipping papers not already in hand by seller, its at buyer expense.
 If you would like to consign your horse with RCF Sale Barn, please contact us for info. 
Contact me for more info and owner contact information.    256- 878- 9747  256 293 8885
*** RCF is not responsible for condition, quality or guarantees on horses not belonging to us.****
**Prices listed here will over rule any other advertised price **
** payment terms are cash  if in person or Cert. Bank check or MO if you buy over phone and have shipped. Check must clear prior to horse leaving property. 
***Horses not picked up within 14 days after paid for will be charged a board fee ( feed/hay bill and vet/ farrier fees if any )

Consigned to Rafter C by S. Lyles. $2500.00

Located in Paint Rock Al. 256 878 9747

How about some gold in your pasture?! Gold Champagne APHA reg solid gelding. Docs Golden Tan. “Tanner” was started under saddle at 2.5yo. Had 60 days training. Owner started riding a different horse after a few months so he became a pasture horse for a while. His size was a tad too much for her. A friend took him when he was about 5-6 years old and kept him a year or better. She worked with him with Clinton Anderson method. She put her husband which was a total beginner on him and rode roads and trails with no issues. He was not bothered by cars or any traffic. He got into barbed wire at her place and has a scar but no lameness or issues. He knows his name and comes when called once he gets to know you. He's lazy but a big mover in his stride but he does not have a big engine. He had a split in his hoof but it has healed out almost halfway now. No issues there either. Owner guarantees sound. It's been a few years since he's been ridden but he remembers his ground work. Should respond to leg cues some. Good boy just hasn't had much saddle time since I ride other horses. Owner requires a vet reference or equivalent from buyer to ensure he goes to a good home. Easy keeper, hes currently on pasture and hay. No grain at this time. Hes fat and fluffy. He would make someone a great trail horse or could be trained in other areas such as roping. His bone and body size would make for a nice head horse! Hes good for the vet and farrier. Currently barefoot. We dont have any videos of him under saddle and we apologize for this.



Consigned to Rafter C by S Lyles. $2000.00 Located in Paint Rock Al.


Ready to start your way!

APHA coming 4 year old flashy paint gelding. Boones King o Hearts. AKA- Houdini.

Big boned, big bodied and not done growing yet!

He was imprinted at birth by breeder/owner. Houdini has been handled about daily in some way since birth. Weather it be grooming, leading, hauling or just loving on him. He had 2 weeks professional training for handling and ground work . He's in your pocket puppy dog, loves people and attention! Sire is 15.2. dam is 15.3 produces large babies. Half brother stands 16h. Slow grower and should grow more. Last measured at just over 15hh 6months ago and owner thinks hes grown since. Up to date on shots, wormer, farrier, teeth and sheath cleaning. Leads, loads, ties, good for farrier and vet. NN for HYPP. His run in shed had noodles and tarps hanging around for desensitization. Not bothered by much, not one to get upset. Hes just kinda willing and easy going for whats been done so far. Has not been started under saddle so hes a fresh slate and can go whatever direction you want from roping to pleasure or dressage and everything in between!



2500.00 cash 

ApHC Coming 10 year old 15.1 hand gelding.  

Chocolate with blanket and spots. He tends to sometimes darken in the summer to almost black.

Current neg. coggins, current on ALL vaccinations and deworming. Shod on 1/18/17. Good for farrier and vet.

Echo has been used around a farm for pleasure rides and on trails. He was turned out for 2 years or so due to owners lack of time ( working all the time) Hes been under tune up the past month. He has picked up where left off with ground work, desensitizing and under saddle work. He will ground drive with a lariat- in a controlled environment ( see videos). When we started him years ago, he was also broke to pull a ground slide. He has not been worked since to our knowledge but should take to it quickly with a few hours of driving time. Flexes, breaks at poll. W/T/C. Stop and back. Working on side passing, moving on hind end and front end from the ground and addle. Hes still rusty on some things and needs a few more work sessions focusing on certain areas to get him back in tune and fluid. Awesome trail horse! Sure footed and easy going. Goes where asked, even in rough terrain. He will lead or follow. Prefers to just tag along but he will lead if asked. Thru water, mud, over logs and brush- not a problem for him. Neck reins some, works some off leg cues; side pass n such but still rusty. He has small scar on the back of his right hock from a cut years ago. Its not bad, not very noticeable unless you know it there and does not effect him. No soundness issues to date.

He is selling with affidavit for replacement registration papers as they lost his papers.

More videos and photos on the sale barn.