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Colt starting, trail & ultimate trail course

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Our books for 2017 are closed. Pricing updates will be posted Nov/Dec 2017.
Current Pricing as of Jan. 1, 2016
All fees are to be paid prior to colt starting or training.
( subject to future change without notice. Please call to confirm 256 878 9747)
100.00 booking fee  per month required to reserve spots. Booking fee DOES count towards your monthly total.
- Weekly rates ( does not include feed/hay) : $200.00
Monthly rates (4 weeks, does not include feed / hay) :
- Unstarted colts only $600.00
**- Colts/ horses already under saddle:  CALL
Owners supply feed/hay and all supplements horses need. RCF will feed for additional cost.  
 **Horses already started or horses with problems/issues require more time and re-training to be started on our program verses an un-started colt thus the price difference.