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Rafter C Farm

Colt starting, trail & ultimate trail course

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Legal Information, Terms and Conditions 

Update March 2014:

Effective August 2014: Drop off and pick up days will be Monday - Wednesday unless otherwise scheduled.

 We require a 100.00 non refundable deposit to book spots. ( see price list page for more info)

We encourage owners to come check on their horses and ride them prior to taking them home. A one hour lesson/ session is included in the colt starting price. Hourly rates will apply past that.

*We like to be punctual, on time and reasonable. We keep a schedule and routine in our profession. We expect the same from others or at least some consideration of notice if plans change, things run behind and so on. When spots are booked with us for colt starting, everything required ( Neg. coggins, vaccination records, shoes...) is stated at that time and you should have more than plenty of time to make sure things are ready long before your set day/time. We generally stay booked months out in advance.
As of 9/28/15 if you wait till a few days before your scheduled time and then realize all required work is not ready and need to move your drop off date a few more days out, you MAY BE RESCHEDULED for the next avi. opening or forfeit your spot and deposit all together as we have clients that are ready and waiting to bring their horses. Please be advised of this change.....




Under Alabama law, an equine activity sponsor or equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities, pursuant to the Equine Activities Liability Protection Act.§ 6-5-337. Immunity of those involved in equine activities.


Disclaimer: We do not guarantee to have any horse to any point of training by a certain time frame. We are colt starters not trainers. Horses are living breathing animals with a mind of their own and even with training can be unpredictable.We can not guarantee that horses will never buck, rear, bolt, kick or bite. RCF is in no way responsible for the actions of horses or owners during or after colt starting with us.


Colt Starting:

All horses must be halter broke. Horses not halter broke will not be ridden in the first 30 days. The first 30 days will be haltering, leading, ground work, handling feet and basic daily handling. Riding will began in the next session. We do not guarantee anything on horses that have previously been ridden, started by anyone other than ourselves or has existing issues. As stated we are colt starters not horse trainers though what we do is a form of training. A finished horse does not happen in a few months.   

Your horse will not be unloaded off the trailer if you do not meet the requirements:

* Must have a negative coggins in hand with you

* Must have a record from the vet showing your horse is current on vaccinations within the past year

(Eastern / Western Equine Encephalomyelitis (EEE/WEE), West Nile, Rabies, Equine Herpes virus (EHV), Influenza, Strangles

*Horses must be shod or come with easy boots or equivalent.

* At least 8 bags of feed and 10 bales+ hay

Release and Hold Harmless Agreement.The owner of horse(s) acknowledges and accepts the potential unavoidable risks inherent in all horse related activities, including but not limited to bodily injury, hauling of horses and physical harm to Horse, Rider and Spectator, other animals and/or damage to associated personal belongings, including vehicles.

The owner agrees to Hold Harmless & Indemnify

 Rafter C Farm(RCF) and the business owners Christy Cagle and Wayne Cagle and anyone associated or employed with this business located in Albertville Al 35950, and further release them from any liability or responsibility for accident, damage, injury, illness and/or loss whatsoever to the undersigned or to any family member and/or assignees, or invitee, of any kind whatsoever, accompanying the undersigned on the premises identified above or any physical location where that RCF and owners conduct training, discussions, evaluations, examinations, observations, sales and all other related activities and business.

Fees and payment terms

non-refundable booking fee of one-hundred dollars ($100.00) for each month that a horse is registered for colt starting or training is required to reserve your spots. The remainder of the staring fee is to be paid in before training of the horse(s) starts.  All fees are due and payable to Rafter C Farms prior to commencement of any and all services. Early termination or cancellation fees may apply. We do not accept checks or credit cards. Cash only.  

Trainer's Right to Refuse Service- Trainer reserves the right to refuse the starting of a horse or continuation of training services of any horses for any reason, to include but not limited to: animal's poor health or unsoundness; dangerous propensities, habits and/or vices; and/or non-trainable condition which Trainer may not be equipped or capable to handle; Owners refusal to obey stable rules or to cooperate with Trainer on reasonable requests relative to the management, training, welfare and safety of animals and people on premises; and, also in such event Trainer shall give Owner notice to remove horses from premises. After all fees have been paid in full this agreement is concluded. Failure to pay training and other fees as due shall also entitle Trainer to place lien on horse(s) until all bills are paid. A daily boarding fee will also apply. Horse(s) will remain property of RCF until all dues and fees are paid in full

If horse(s) training is suspended due to reasons seen fit by RCF, partial refunds will be issued. Each Horse Shall enter the trainers premises free from transmittable diseases and must be effectively wormed and current on  

HORSE HEALTH WARRANTY  Each horse shall enter the trainer's premises free from transmissible diseases, and must be effectively wormed, and current on all required immunizations, having been inoculated or treated or medicated at least 7 days prior to arrival at the training facility or other location. Rafter C Farms, its employees and trainers cannot guarantee the continued health of any animal. Owner must present the following up-to-date documents to trainer prior to the entry of horse onto trainer's premises: Worming and Immunization Record, and Negative Coggins Test. The following is highly recommended but is not required. Vaccination against Strangles and Veterinarian Health Certificate

Previous Training or Conditioning RCF cannot guarantee positive training results on horses that have been started, ridden or trained by another colt starter, trainer or any person whether by owner or other. RCF does not guarantee to fix problem horses, correct issues, make child-safe or beginner friendly horses or the have any horse trained or conditioned to a certain point by a certain date. All horses will be started on our program with the basics and fundamentals when joining us no matter how much riding or training has been previously done.

Horse Sales

All horses are sold as is and where is with no guarantees after leaving RCF property or RCF ownership.  No horse is guaranteed to be child-safe or beginner safe. All horses not belonging to Rafter C Farm will be stated and current owner information will be given to prospective buyers.  Any guarantees and conditions regarding any horses not belonging to RCF are strictly a contract and agreement between buyer and seller. RCF is not responsible for condition, quality or guarantees on horses not belonging to the farm or its owners.

Photo & Video Release

RCF takes pictures and or videos of activities that will be used for advertising or portfolios. Owners /riders/consignors and or other give permission upon signing any of our waivers/contracts/forms for RCF to use any pictures / videos that may include owner, family and horses for any reason. Owner/rider/consignor releases all rights to any photos taken at or by RCF.

Any photos and videos taken by or at RCF and/or Spotted Horse Photography/ Christy Cagle can and will be used without individual written permission.

No photos or videos by RCF, Christy or Wayne Cagle or Spotted Horse Photography may be used or reproduced for any reason without consent. Punishable by penalty under copyright laws.  

Sale Barn- Consignment horses  

All horses not belonging to Rafter C Farm will be stated. Any guarantees made on horses not belonging to RCF will be between buyer and seller. All information is stated as known. RCF is at no fault on buyer or sellers part should anything happen. Transactions are to be in CASH, horse shall be paid for in full before leaving sellers property. A bill of sale should be kept by buyer and seller for records. RCF will retain a copy for our records as well. 

Vet Checks

 Vet checks upon request can and will be done @ buyer expense if findings are sound, at sellers expense if findings are not sound.  Vet checks are to be done prior to horse leaving the property of seller. Sellers should supply prospective buyer with several local vets in the area to choose from if buyer does not want sellers personal vet to do the check. Buyer can also use their personal vet if  chosen. Buyers may also opt for a double vet check with sellers vet and buyers vet @ buyers expense.