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Rafter C Farm

Colt starting, trail & ultimate trail course

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Horses in training with RCF
*Disclaimer: We do not guarantee to have any horse to any point of training by a certain time frame. Horses are living breathing animals with a mind of their own and even with training can be unpredictable. We can not guarantee that horses will never buck, rear, bolt, kick or bite. RCF is in no way responsible for the actions of horses or owners during or after colt starting with us.   
 *Starting August 1, 2014; drop off and pick days up of horses for colt starting will be Monday - Wednesday.
*Please be advised beginning Jan 1, 2017 our scheduling/ colt starting/training and fees may change.  
Be sure to check out other pages to see our "personal horses" mentioned below! Click photo to go to their personal page.

Luke Sky Walker
5 year old AQHA gelding- client horse

2012 QH gelding
RCF personal horse
Learning to lounge session 1

UPDATE: Graces training has been postponed due to unforeseen circumstances at this time. She will return for more training this fall.  
Grace. coming 3 year old mustang app cross filly. Bottle baby... Her videos will remain on the site and we will pick up and continue them when she rejoins us!

RCF Personal horse
Pardon My Class