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Colt starting, trail & ultimate trail course

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2017 Foals
BT High Octane
BT High Octane
2011 Red roan gelding.


BT High Octane “Octane”

2012 AQHA red roan gelding. 15.1 hands.

*Shoes, loads, bathes, clips, good for farrier and vet. ( doesnt much care for having ears clipped)

* Social but has good ground manners. Hes not pushy or disrespectful.

*Works to a wagon either side ( per previous owner) We have not worked him our self.

*Has about 45 days tracking the hot heels/ ropin dummy ( Per previous owner)

* Trail rode in Al, Tn, GA. Leads or follows, easy to rough terrain and everything in between!

*Started on obstacle training. Jumps, cowboy curtain, hanging barrels, side passing ground obstacles like logs and poles, riding in and out of deep pits, TX 3 step, log drag, step ups and offs, crossing tarps and other ground things.

*Some basic reining and ranch pleasure training. ( w/t/c correct leads, stops, backs, side passes, turns on forequarters or hindquarters, started on spinning and has a decent turn around but needs fine tuning as well as flying lead changes. He neck reins and works well off leg cues.

*Getting a pretty good canter and will just about lope off from the walk.

*Could be shown next season in ranch pleasure with just a tad more training.

* Has been used to pony colts we are starting under saddle.

* Been used at the stock yards to pen and sort cattle.

*Not finished by any means but has a great start and ready to be finished in the direction you choose. *Intermediate rider suggested, he has buttons and is responsive to leg cues, can be quick n catty when asked. We still consider him green as he is not finished on anything.

* Current on everything- hoof care, deworming, vaccinations and Neg. coggins in hand.

June 2016
First trail ride with us: 
Manchester ( Guntersville Dam) 9/15/16 
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