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Colt starting, trail & ultimate trail course

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AQHA Beggers Go Champ
2017 Foals
Expected 2017 Foals 
All foals will be 5 panel NN!
offered for sale
Sire and dam pedigrees on 
 ApHC: Pardon My Class                                                        AQHA: Waggoners Rainmaker..
$ 2500.00 Very athletic and always on the move exploring things. Shes very social.
Foaled 3/9/17.   Taken @ a few hours old. Sorrel filly with frosted blanket.
Photos at 3 days old:
Photos at 2 & 3 days old:
ApHC Pardon My Class                                                              AQHA: SLF Blue Angel
"Leilah"    Leilah's Secret
3/11/17 Black LP filly. She tested EEaa LP/lp. Carrying the LP she will color to some extent.
 Photos @ 1 day old:
AQHA: Beggers Go Champ                                             ApHC: JS Ima Stormy Lena
 Foaled 3/21/17 @ 747 PM. Buckskin colt
Due April
ApHC Pardon My Class                                                        ApHC Hannah Huntress